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Understanding the Underlying Cause of Stains on Your Teeth

Your tooth enamel is made up of microscopic mineral crystals. The exposure to certain dark foods and beverages can cause stains that adhere to the microscopic surfaces. In time, these products can gradually penetrate deep into the enamel layer.

Even Dr. [doctor_name]’s dental-bleaching treatment will only yield temporary results if the underlying cause of the stains is not remedied.

Certain foods like chocolate, tomato sauce, and dark berries contain significant concentrations of staining compounds. If these surface stains are not counteracted on a daily basis, they can deeply saturate the enamel layer. Using a whitening toothpaste when you brush your teeth can reduce surface stains that are caused by these foods.

Drinking dark beverages, like coffee, tea, and soft drinks, on a regular basis can also cause significant stains. Using a whitening toothpaste will also help reduce surface stains before they can penetrate the tooth enamel. You can still enjoy these beverages, but you might want to drink them through a straw.

The tar and other chemicals in tobacco products can deeply stain your smile. Usually, these deep stains can’t be improved by the tooth-whitening products available on store shelves.

Dr. [doctor_name]’s dental-bleaching treatment can safely and effectively whiten moderate to deeply stained teeth.

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