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Oral Health Outliers: Dental Fitness

Making sure you have a healthy smile depends on your various dental fitness routines that you are employing. Not only do you need to make sure that you are responsibly caring for your smile by cleaning it every day, but you’ll also need to make sure you’re taking routine visits to your dentist. Furthermore, an effective dietary plan should be in place, and you should think about all aspects of your life that can be improved.

Various aspects of your oral health can lead to severe dental damage. In order to keep your smile safe, you have to be aware of products that can easily damage your teeth and gums even if they’re meant to help you. In the case of teeth whitening products, they are designed to eradicate deep stains and discolorations. However, they may also end up bleaching your gums or wearing down your tooth enamel. For a safe and effective tooth whitening treatment system, visit your dentist for a professional in-office whitening used with custom-designed whitening trays and safe gels. Through the use of a single in-office whitening, it is possible to improve the color of your teeth by up to 10 shades safely and effectively.

If you have additional oral health risks that you may not be aware of, you will want to talk to your dentist about your dental history and any potential risks in your life that could lead to further oral health damage. By limiting the risks associated with various disorders and products in your lifestyle. you can drastically improve the health of your teeth and gums and help to keep it that way for decades to come.

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How to Treat a Cracked Tooth

Have you ever bitten into one of your favorite foods and heard a crack? As you can probably know—or can at least guess—this can be an extremely unpleasant experience. Sadly, many people feel that they can wait to have this problem addressed, but we recommend looking for treatment immediately.

Sadly, a cracked tooth could be caused by a cavity. If this is the case, you’ll probably have to cover the weakened tooth with a crown. You see, if you don’t care for a cracked tooth, your crack could slowly extend to the root of your tooth. Once this happens, you’ll be more vulnerable to infection, sensitivity, and even tooth decay.

However, while visiting a dentist as soon as possible is important, you may need to wait a few days. Luckily, there are a few things you can do at home to alleviate any discomfort while you wait. For instance, you could place gauze on the cracked tooth or apply a cold pack to your cheek to alleviate pain and swelling. You may also consider using dental cement, which you should be able to find at your local drugstore.

When you do visit our dentist, we’ll assess the state of your mouth and offer you any personalized advice you need. Sometimes, for a minor crack, you’ll just need to have your tooth smoothed out. At other times, our team will fill the crack with specialized filling material. More serious breaks may need root canal therapy and will usually be covered by a crown.

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