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Is Dental anxiety keeping you from Necessary Treatment?

Welcome to the dental practice of Dr. Michael Long and Dr. Matthew Thurman, where we strive to give the best quality care to our patients in the most relaxed and comfortable environment as possible. We understand that some patients feel anxiety about receiving dental treatment. Dental anxiety is actually a common phenomenon and because we want our patients to have the best possible experience while they are with us we work with them to have the best experience possible.

Dental anxiety can stem from a variety of factors, including a fear of experiencing pain, either because of a previous negative experience, or from hearing others share their stories of an unpleasant experience. Some people are afraid of receiving injections or that the injection won’t work properly. Others fear the side effect of anesthesia, and one of the most common fear is that of not being in control while sitting through a procedure, feeling vulnerable and helpless.

Dr. Michael Long and Dr. Matthew Thurman work hard to provide you with quality dental care in a safe, calm and relaxing atmosphere. There are things we can do to help you feel comfortable during your treatment. First, rest assured that you are not alone, so please let us know that you are experiencing anxiety. We are happy to discuss ways to help you relax, and ease your tension. We can explain what will happen as the procedure unfolds, so that you know exactly what to expect next. We can also work out a signal to let us know you need us to stop for a moment, like raising your arm to let us know you need to take a breath, or rinse or spit.

Don’t let dental anxiety prevent you from receiving the care you need. To schedule your next visit with one of our dentists, please call our team at [phone] today. Dr. Michael Long and Dr. Matthew Thurman are here to help you have your best dental experience yet.