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Yogurt and Your Oral Health

When you’re running to work late in the morning – and to be honest, who’s not – every now and then all you can grab is a package of yogurt. Well here’s some good news! Yogurt is a tooth-friendly food! Find out why in this post, and phone us for a checkup if you have any inquiries.

Two of the most common substances in yogurt are calcium and proteins. Calcium and protein can assist your teeth by supporting the enamel layers that are the teeth’s first line of defense. Additionally, yogurts contain constructive probiotics. Probiotics, also called constructive bacteria, are helpful in the mouth because they may prod out negative bacteria that weaken the oral cavity. Yogurt has so many benefits for the oral cavity, and it’s delicious too!

While we generally recommend yogurt, we should mention that not all yogurts are created equally. Specifically, skip yogurts with lots of sugar or added sugar; this may outweigh a few of the positive effects yogurt can have. If you do buy yogurt, think about buying a kind that comes with lower quantities of sugar, like Greek yogurt.

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Shiny Teeth Rely on Healthy Foods and a Balanced Diet

Shiny teeth rely on healthy foods and a balanced diet. Although many foods are just another obstacle that stands in the way of optimum oral health, did you know that there are some foods that have been confirmed to actually enhance your oral health? Listed below are some helpful foods and tips for your oral health with the fantastic benefits they can offer to your smile:

– Snacking between meals increases your risk for tooth decay and gum disease.

– Overly acidic foods such as tomatoes and citrus fruits are capable of weakening your tooth enamel and causing dental erosion.

– Chewing sugarless gum can increase saliva production, which helps prevent cavities and neutralize harmful acids.

– One of the best treatments for improving your oral health is keeping your teeth and gums clean. Foods such as pears and apples are crunchy with large amounts of water, which help to remove food particles from your teeth and gums.

– If you are looking to enhance your tooth enamel to improve your oral health, try eating foods high in calcium and phosphorus, such as chicken, cheese, nuts, and milk.

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